February 22, 2006

Killing the deal would be "a dangerous signal to people overseas that America plays favorites."

So said White House counselor Dan Bartlett on the issue of rejecting the United Arab Emirates deal to acquire the security job for 6 ports on the Golf Coasts and Atlantic shore of these United States. Playing favorites is something this administration tends to do in a way that transcends even the acknowledged reality of politics. I find it absurd that the reasoning for Bush to veto this deal is that a veto would give the image of favoritism. What? That we want Americans to run the security of this country and not a Middle East country that is known to have Islamist sympathizers? Can the possibility of an "inside job" to blow up Americans be reasonably denied? All over Iraq we hear of bombings facilitated by some sympathizer who infiltrated the Police force. Do we want to take that risk here? NO!!!


Blogger biwah said...

Word up. Bushies defending the deal point out that the UAE government is above board, and there is no evidence to suggest otherwise. Until now, it appears that terrorist links to UAE have been limited to passing through the country, particularly through Dubai.

But to apply a shred of foresight (at the risk of heresy), if the deal goes through, where do you think the #1 target for terrorists to find a chink in America's armor will be? Right in Dubai.

Are we going to take on indefinite responsibility for monitoring the UAE government for any possible breach? We'd be reckless not to, yet if we did, we'd be subsidizing their huge profits. Insanity either way.

As for favoritism, shanti, you're right on. The administration is about as concerned about favoritism as it is about women's rights in Iraq. Thin, thin, thin.

2/22/2006 9:35 AM  
Blogger biwah said...

Conservative blogger Dafydd has a good analysis and compromise proposal.

But, having acknowledged that M.E. governments and corps "cannot always ensure that their companies have not been infiltrated by sleeper agents", he only partly assuages this concern by proposing that an American corp head up certain security audits of Dubai Ports World's operations.

I think desire of Dafydd and his ilk to see the deal rehabilitated is driven mostly by reluctance to hand the Dems a political victory in killing the deal. Bush has proven himself astoundingly tone-deaf before - when faced with the chance to give out favors, he forgets that he is politically accountable to, if no one else, his base (see Harriet Miers, Social Security privatization). And most of them have enough sense, or at least self-interest, to sniff out these radioactive policies right away.

Interesting to see the repeated convergence of the right and the left against Bush's personal interests.

2/22/2006 10:04 AM  

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